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Bad Game Ideas IV

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Bad Game Ideas IV

This is not the end, my friend. No, it is indeed not the end.

Oregon Trail II -- The modern-day sequel to the educational classic casts you as an art student who needs to get his girlfriend and his apartment contents from Boston to Oregon. Buy a car, fuel, and ammunition. Perform home invasions on the highway as you try to get to your destination without dysentry.

Undisclosed Location -- You're the vice president and you're hiding from terror. Cower in the corner, take heart medication and pull the strings of the New World Order without any possible physical harm coming to you. Electronic Politics Monthly called it "...something... awesome".

Moderator -- You're a forum moderator on the run from the FBI. Dodge amateur g-men with semiautomatics, take hostages, and remember to duck in from time to time and ban spammers before your membership gets angry.

AFK LOL -- Play as an FBI agent with nothing to lose, trying to trap Internet criminals by forcing them to admit to their crimes in IRC.

Censor -- You're a political appointee with the intelligence of a small housecat and the social values of a 1950s Catholic priest. Attempt to censor the new world of scary and difficult media using fascist laws, because someone has to think of the children.

Trapdoor -- You've bought your new home, but you encounter a bizarre trap door in your garage leading to untold narco-riches. What do you do? Bob Vila voices the main character.

Kindergarten Teacher -- As a kindergarten teacher, you have access to young minds, so you may indocrinate them with your socially unacceptable political beliefs. Well, that is if you can keep the little bastards from eating plasticine and beating the shit out of each other with their little fists.

Prison Manager -- Now that conservatives are in office, it's more profitable to run a prison than a school. Skim money off the top, while providing the absolute worst in living conditions for those incarcerated for misdemeanours. They'll think twice about committing crimes as you switch their insulin doses for a sugar pill placebo!

Weight Loss -- Dieting is big business. Unfortunately, you can't even balance your own chequebook. Run a corrupt diet centre and try to manage the incoming fatties with increasingly dangerous and irresponsible surgeries.

Karaoke -- Drunkenly sing along to horrific songs in a Japanese dive bar before the Yakuza take you out for misrepresenting their national sport. No matter how well you sing, your drunkenness makes the quality bar swing wildly! Time your tones just right and maybe escape with a missing finger or two rather than bullets in the skull. Welcome to the Hotel Californiiiaaaaa~

Undercover -- You're a cop, undercover as a drug clown for the most dangerous organized crime syndicate of all: McDonalds. Do what the big clown says, and try not to empty your clip in a panic at a nearby hooker when she comes to see how much arm candy you're carrying.

SimDishwasher -- You're America's favourite household appliance, and people are trying to cram your filthy gob with horrific remnants of their meal, caked onto cheap plates. Clean them, wash them, soap them, or destroy them.

Race Condition -- The only racing game that casts you as an operating system thread. Try to beat the other thread to the data without entering spinlock and destroying your user's computer.

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