"Working the cover, the side scroll game which gathers the apple"

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Sloplifter is my entry for my 1W1B2 contest. Since I couldn't actually win, I produced the most nonsensical game I could.

You play as a flying pig, flapping through the streets of a fictional Ayuvarian city, dodging the many intelligent frying pans and collecting apples for extra lives.

Use space to flap higher, and collect the apples -- every 20th one gives you an extra life! Dodge the frying pans, because hitting one will take your life. Simple!

I sincerely hope you enjoy it. It was fun for me to make!

Produced using Propane Injector 2D.

Mac OS X Notes:
I embedded the data and frameworks inside the .app package. Just unzip and play. Please report any bugs to me immediately along with a Console dump.

Windows Notes:
It should run fine on Windows no matter what. Double click the Sloplifter Windows program to run the game.

Source notes:
You'll need SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL, OpenGL and GLUT libraries to build this. It also includes a semi complete version of Propane Injector 0.26

Legal notes:
This game uses (under permission) fonts from FreakyFonts.

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