"Try to survive in a military complex infested with the undead and riddled with the ashes of corporate corruption and scientific hubris."

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Short Manual:

WASD, Arrows: Move north, south, west and east
Mouse movement: Aim at things
Mouse 1: Click on user interface elements, shoot at things (if your weapon is
	equipped). Left-clicking on an item in your inventory drops it.
Mouse 2: Use items from your inventory, walk toward gunsight when clicking at
	your feet. Mac users should use Command-Click if they only have 1 button.
Scroll wheel, keys 1-0: Quick-change your currently equipped weapon.
Space: Pick up items on the ground when the Pick Up icon is displayed
I: Show/hide the Inventory panel
C: Show/hide the Character panel (this is where you improve your character)
Z: Walk towards where the gunsight is pointing in a straight line.

Gameplay (Story mode):
Try to survive in a military complex infested with the undead and riddled with
the ashes of corporate corruption and scientific hubris.

Walking over a weapon or item allows you to pick it up and put it in your
inventory, which is displayed as a 4x4 grid in the Inventory panel (shown by
default). Right-clicking on that weapon or item will allow you to equip it for
use (weapons), or to use it on the spot (health packs, derms).

When zombies or enemies see you, they will approach your position and begin
firing. They are very accurate and have weapons exactly as powerful as yours --
be quick to gun them down! If you are killed, you will re-spawn at the last
checkpoint area you crossed.

Some areas of the game will trigger conversations between you and your commanding
officers and support staff, and others will trigger a tip, which you can disable
at your will. Walking onto an "EXIT" tile will allow you to go to the next floor.

Try to survive, and make sure to keep an eye on your ammo and health!

Gameplay (Survival mode):
Survive as long as you possibly can against increasingly deadly odds.

You start this mode surrounded by full ammunition supplies and armed to the teeth.
Survival depends primarily on your ability to stockpile and maintain your arsenal of
resources, and to predict and destroy increasingly complex enemies.

Every five seconds, a new enemy will spawn. Take them down quickly, or they may
swarm you!

After time, more difficult enemies will show up, as demonstrated in this table:
0-60 seconds:		Zombie
61-100 seconds:	Zombies with HK-60s
101-180 seconds:	Hunter
181-200 seconds:	Speed Freaks
201-300 seconds:	Clones of Greenbaumer
301+ seconds:		Giant Zombies

Once you die, you will be presented with statistics on your survival rate and capability,
and provided with a text ranking. Press F1 to save for later, should you please.

Levelling Up
Once you have gained enough experience, you will hear a *ding* noise and be notified
that you have "levelled up" and have points available to spend.

Character points allow you to choose how to improve your character in a variety of
ways. Improve your character from the CHARACTER panel along these three stats:

STRENGTH	Makes your character more resistant to damage and have more health.
		Best for new players.
SPEED		Makes your character run faster. Excellent for speed runs.
GUN SKILL	Modifies accuracy and level of damage of the weapons. Best for advanced players.

Items (Weapons)
There are three primary types of weapons in Glow: conventional, electric and flammable.

Different enemies have different levels of resistance to different weapon types! For
example, Hunters are highly vulnerable to Electric weaponry.

Items (Derms)
On various floors of the complex, you'll find derm patches. These items give you
a temporary boost to one of your three attributes.

BEWARE! Strength patches will return your maximum health level to what it was
BEFORE application of the patch, but will not give back your health. If you use
a patch to go from 10 HP to 50 HP, and it wears off when you only have 2 HP left,
you will be forced to take the 40HP loss and end up with -38HP, thus dying.

If this will happen when the patch wears off, a flashing skull will appear next to
the derm meter on your HUD. When you see this skull, find health before the derm
wears off!!

The Pause Screen
Pressing ESCAPE during gameplay will take you to the pause screen, which allows
you to view a mini-map of your current area, inspect your weapons and items, and
continue or quit the active game.

Configuring Glow
The preferences screen, activated from the front menu of the game, allows you
to toggle several options available to the player.
SHADERS	(default On)		Allows you to turn shaders off and on.
SMOKE CLOUDS (default On)	Allows you to disable the smoke clouds from wall shots.
SLOW PC	(default Off)		Changes the framerate regulator to make it run faster.
EXPERIENCE BAR (default Off)	Allows you to see your experience in the HUD.
KEY BINDINGS			Change what keys are mapped to actions in game.
SAVE OPTIONS			Save the options to disk.
RETURN				Return from this menu WITHOUT SAVING.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock additional items and modes for
the gameplay at large -- be sure to take advantage of these! It will automatically
save when you unlock the item, so don't worry.

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