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A simplistic editor designed for the CSRPG2 series of games. Capable of placing NPCs, items and modifying world geometry. Quests have to be handled manually by editing a text file but are relatively simple.

I do NOT provide extensive support for this editor. It was a pain to build under Windows and it is a pain to support.

Key commands:

  • Cursor keys - Move the viewport around. You can also click on the minimap to jump to a location.

  • M - Hide/show minimap

  • P - Hide/show palette

  • Q/A - Scroll palette up and down respectively. Clicking on a tile from the palette selects it.

  • Right Mouse Button - Selects a large area of terrain. Click once to start, then click again to select the entire area.

  • Left Mouse Button - Sets a tile down for only one tile.

  • F - Fills an area of land that has been selected by the right mouse button with the current tile. Useful for floors. Depending on mode, this may also delete/create NPCs and items

  • S/L - Save and load the current data package to the 'data' folder, overwriting whatever is there. Work on a copy if you are worried about destroying your map.

  • Z - Change the mode that the right click button follows. This includes mass select, NPC creation, NPC deletion, item creation and item deletion.

  • F3 - Save a screenshot to disk in sshot.bmp.

It's a decent editor, and I used it to create most of CSRPG2. Obviously it has room for improvement but is an acceptable tool and will serve modders well.

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