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CSRPG grows up and goes to college! In this award-winning RPG you'll visit many exciting locales and complete many moronic quests for the esteemed Dr. Questy.

Once you complete your quests, you can head to the East Castle for an audience with King Rav and your eventual diploma. Skilled players can complete this epic in less than three hours; but I'm sure you'll want to explore each and every secret.

Press "H" ingame to figure out what keys do which.

One of the big benefits of CSRPG2 over its predecessor is that CSRPG2 is wide-open. It has features for third-party modules, and as soon as I bother to write the commercial Module Editor you can create your own adventures in the CSRPG2 universe with ease.

My development tools are inside the source package; email me if you want them (GNU GPL).

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