1W1B2 Entries and Results

Here are the entries made for 1W1B2 and the result(s).  These results are not yet final.

Thumb Entry Score (by Judge) Average Score
Fairy Fields Fairy Fields (2morrowMan) Judge A: 10 Very well made. Very fun to play. This game has serious polish.
Judge B:
I would have liked to see a bit more strategy involved... perhaps certain blocks that you do *not* want to pick up?  Or obstacles in the map which can't be collected by either player?  Interesting premise, anyway.  A bit slow moving.  7/10.
Judge C:
nice and polished, but it would be nice if there were some further element of strategy/backstabbing - as it stands it's just a race to get the biggest pools of color
Judge D: 8/10 Fun game, I suck at it though.  Music would enhance this a lot, as well as clearer instructions.
Judge E: Extremely polished, could use a short tutorial, addictive, great game - 9
Judge F: 5/10 Nice graphics but didn't know what was going on at times.
Thermal Thermal (BlindSide) Judge A: 0 Lacks polish. Practically unplayable (learn how to use timers). Not very innovative.
Judge B:
Fairly repetitive, and it seemed a bit boring since there was really only one obstacle, and no enemies.  Also, the ship seemed to fall too fast, and move too slowly, for my taste.  3/10.
Judge C:  
framerate dependence kills playability on my GF7800GTX  
Judge D: 5/10 It ran decently on my slow machine.  I think the game gets too fast too soon, and the ship doesn't move fast enough to keep up.
Judge E: Impossible to play on test system - 1
Judge F: 9/10 Neat game and cool installer to go along with it.
Cyansoft One Button One Week (Cyansoft) Alternate version #2 Alternate version Judge A: Didn't run
Judge B:
Didn't run
Judge D: 3/10 Simple gameplay, and doesn't clean up after itself on exit.
Judge E: Didn't run
Judge F: Didn't run
Wabbits Wabbits (DukeAtreides076) Judge A:  4 Fairly boring. Gameplay bugs. Sound bugs. Bad graphics.
Judge B:
Fun game.  A little more control in regards to where the bunny lands would be nice.  Also, the traps jump so high that unless you see them
coming from a long way off, its sometimes impossible to avoid them, which makes me a sad panda.  Also, although this game worked originally,
I can't seem to get it to run any more... it keeps crashing to desktop. 5/10
Judge C: 
Didn't run
Judge D: 3/10 Needs better control, and it's nearly impossible to avoid the traps.
Judge E: Control lacking, not enough feedback to gauge jumps - 3
Judge F: 7/10 Cool game. Pretty fun.
Helikool HeliKool (Scet) Judge A: 4 Not very innovative. Difficult to play.
Judge B:
Good story, amusing sound effects (french laughing, etc.), addictive and fun.  The pace seems to increase a little too quickly (at first the game
is very easy, but after picking up >10 scientists, it becomes very hard very quickly)... it would be nice if the difficulty ramped up a bit more
slowly.  Also, the fact that the levels are randomly generated means that sometimes it's next to impossible to avoid certain obstacles (one
time there was a line of jetpack polar bears from the ground to the top of the screen). 7/10
Judge C: 
small size of targets and slow drop rate -> :(  
Judge D: 5/10 Helicopter doesn't fall fast enough, and the koolaid is too small to get without damaging the helicopter.  Couldn't discern between the scientists and the terrorists.
Judge E: Complete, but not very fun. Most pickups impossible to get without damage - 4
Judge F: 7/10 Fun game. Crashed easily
Baby Race Baby Race (Huehnerschaender) Judge A: 5 Gameplay itself kinda sucked. But well made game with nice graphics.
Judge B:
It would be nice to see skill play a bigger part in the game, as opposed to just key bashing. 5/10
Judge C:
endurance mechanic?  
Judge D: 5/10 Too much key bashing.  I like some of the graphics, and sounds.  Couldn't get very far in the game.
Judge E: Complete and fairly well done, but very little incentive to repeat play after key bashing - 6
See You in Hell, Charlie Chester 1W1B (James Doig) Judge A: 4 Not very exciting. Isometric viewpoint makes it hard to tell where things are. Needs sound.
Judge B:
Kind of fun, although annoying because it's a bit too hard.  In particular, the souls on the 2nd level are the same colour as the floor, which makes it hard to see where exactly you should be going.  Amusing premise. 4/10
Judge D: 4/10 That floor tile is extremely horrible (gave me a headache).  I kept forgetting which direction was next and wasn't able to make it very far.
Judge E: Needs sound, interesting game mechanic, difficult to gauge moves with current graphics - 4
Galaxy Snake Galaxy Snake (Kasper & Martin) Judge A:  7 Nice take on an old theme. Implementation kinda sucked. Needs sound.
Judge B:
Interesting variation on the standard snake game.  A bit too easy; it would have been nice to see things move faster.  Sound effects or music would have been nice.  5/10.
Judge D: 7/10 I like this game.  Good control and interesting idea.  However I think you could have been a bit more generous with the bounding boxes, and sounds would have been a plus.  Too many times the stupid balls popped up in front of me, nearly causing death.  The blank box that pops up is pointless.  Could have commented that code out if it wasn't finished.
Judge E: No instructions, interesting gameplay but gets boring quickly. Needs sound - 6
Judge F: 9/10 Got my attention for a while. Pretty fun. Nice that the source was included.
Fiik Fiik (Marcin Kompanowski) Judge A: 7 Very interesting gameplay mechanic. Very cute graphics. Could use a user interface.
Judge B:
Nifty premise, but hard to control.  Some more obstacles or variation in level design would be nice.  4/10.
Judge C: 
nice idea but it's difficult to really predict how the fields will affect movement which makes most of the gameplay luck
Judge D:  5/10 Unique mechanics, fun graphics, but difficult to control.  Sounds would improve the experience.
Judge E: Interesing concept, needs more visual feedback for gravity focus, needs sound - 4
Judge F: 6/10 OK game. I didn't really get it though.
Nanosucker NanoSucker (Kurt & Leon Blackwell) Bugfixed version Judge A: 8 Great game idea. Good graphics. Could have used a scoring system and HUD. Music too.
Judge B:
Good premise, fun game.  My only complaint is that the game seemed too easy, at least at first.  8/10.
Judge C:
fun, could use a little more sound
Judge D: 5/10 Got boring real fast.  Difficult to tell which direction is forward.  Maybe a pointier object to better indicate which way you're rotated.  
Judge E: Excellent use of one button, great concept, fun. Would only run once - 8
Coin Coin (Namatsu) Judge A: 1 Sucked, but... made me laugh - bonus point
Judge B:
A stunning social commentary on the state of electronic entertainment as a medium in the 21st century ... or something.  The perfect game for easily amused children, or my eight year old sister. 1/10.
Judge C:
lemmie just tape my space bar down...
Judge D: 2/10 This game was truly awesome.  It is the best game ever.  The instructions were perfect and the story rocked.  I couldn't stop giggling like a little schoolgirl, which gave you 1 extra point.
Judge E: I love it so much I give it a whole point! - 1   
Judge F: 2/10 Lacks a good gameplay experience
Jungle Run Jungle Run (Nickvbs) Judge A: 6 Very good graphics. Gameplay wasn't very exciting. Had sound issues.
Judge B:
Fun game, but repetitive and a bit too easy.  It would have been nice to see the car go a little bit faster.  Awesome graphics.  7/10.
Judge C:
pretty but quite repetitive, end of bulldoze run needs cueing  
Judge D: 7/10   The gameplay gets repetitive.  Needs more speed.  Would have been cool if you could catch air off of the humps and jumped over obstacles or something.  But a very pretty game.  A gradual slowdown after the speedboost would have been better, and easy to impliment.
Judge E: Good difficulty ramping, nice polish, slightly tedious, needs ending, still fun - 6
Santa Santa (Sin Sanx) Judge A: 10 I loved this game. Very fun and extremely cute. Intro screen had a nice retro feel.
Judge B:
Good skill-based game.  Sprinting was a bit too hard to time correctly, although I suppose there's not much that can be done about that considering the one button limitation. 6/10.
Judge D: 9/10 The graphics on this game were great and the gameplay was fun.  The sprinting felt a little off, and some of the level tiles weren't lines up correctly.
Judge E: Good polish, a few visual artifacts, fun to play, hard to gauge sprint sometimes - 8
Poolander Poolander (Voice of Tango) Required VS runtime Judge A: 8 Great interface for a one-button-rotator, and also on menus! Good retro graphics and sound. Gameplay a little tricky.
Judge B:
Best enemy name ever ("chode").  It was good you included a sensitivity option, because otherwise it would have been way too fast for my inept fingers.  Good concept, fun game, well executed.  9/10.
Judge C:
nice style, turning is possibly overly sensitive  
Judge D:
9/10 This game was pretty solid.  Once I figured out what I was doing i was having fun.  I had lots of trouble finding myself on the radar though.  Maybe some sort of bleep on the radar to better show your location.  This led to me not being able to find my base.  Maybe a directional arrow showing which way your base is.  Good job on the graphics, menu, and overall!
Judge E: Excellent retro game. Hard to keep fingers from wanting to turn left!!! - 8
Pierre and the Fish Pierre and the Fish (Trapper Zoid) Judge A: 9 Lots of fun. This game was great to play. Graphics were cute.
Judge B:
The fish reminds me of the gigantic fish in Super Mario Bros. 3, which would also gobble you up whole in a similar fashion, and haunted my nightmares as a young boy.  Therefore, despite the psychological damage I received from playing this, it was a pretty damn fun game, simple yet addictive, and with good graphics.  I think Pierre should invest in a larger submarine, though.  9/10
Judge C:
I like that you can escape the fish... not sure about the way the seaweed things are done though  
Judge D: 10/10 This game is very cute and was fun to play.  Very polished and controls well.  I keep going back to play it more and more.
Judge E: Damn fun! Great art style suits the game, addictive - 9
Butafly Butafly (Zefrieg) Judge A: 7 Small and cute. Good use of single button. Use of 'j' as button was confusing.
Judge B:
Outta all them entries, this one had probahbly the best controls. Interestin' premise, pretty graphics and tunes, reasonable difficulty level, and fun.  8/10.
Judge C:
good use of multi-action on button  
Judge D: 7/10 Cute graphics on this game and fun music.  It's easy to land on a rock that you aren't expecting, and by the time you realize this, it's too late to start swinging the net like mad to save yourself.  The controls were responsive and handle well, though.
Judge E: Great game, simple yet fun. Gets repetitive quickly - 7
Judge F: 7/10 Fun little game to play
Eedok 1W1B (eedok) Judge A: 5 Cute idea but gets old quickly. Could use nicer graphics.
Judge B:
Incredibly hard, due to the fact that I was spinning around at about 10,000 RPM.  It probably would have been a fun game otherwise, but the lack of control kind of killed it for me.  4/10.
Judge C:
very hard due to lack of bounce and high rotation speed    
Judge D: 6/10 I think the rotation on the ball is a little bit fast.  I had a real hard time getting it to stop where I wanted.  But fun game.  I actually like the music
Judge E: Great concept, control is a little lacking with the high rate of rotation - 6
Judge F: 8/10 Very fun and neat game to mess around with.
SUPER BUTTON BOY Super Button Boy (Toxic Hippo) Alternate Version Judge A: 3 Ran too quickly. Not really playable. Gameplay mechanism didn't really work. Annoying music. Nice graphics.
Judge B:
Best instructions in the history of gaming.  Too bad the soundtrack makes my ears bleed.  Interesting premise, using beats to control your character, although it made the game a bit too challenging.  It didn't help that you were only given one life.  It would have been nice to see the fireballs have some actual purpose other than simply giving you points; they feel a little bit like a last minute addition without much of a purpose.  Despite this, this is still a pretty fun game, and brings to mind some sort of twisted hybrid of a platformer and DDR.  7/10.
Judge D: 8/10 Love the instructions.  I really love the style of the visuals.  Fun game, I keep playing it.  However some of the platforms are a bit too small and caused me to shoot a useless fireball rather than jump, while trying to jump in a hurry.
Judge E: Great visual style, some menu navigation is cumbersome, high learning curve, still fun - 6
Amok Amok (Mikeman) Judge A: 6 Gameplay not suited to a single button but a good attempt to make it fit. "Interesting" sounds.
Judge B:
Fun little game.  Was a little too hard, in my opinion, or maybe I just suck.  6/10.
Judge D: 8/10 Creative game, and very different.  Very polished, but a tad bit difficult.  Not enough time seems to be given per round.
Judge E: Excellent use of single button, good gameplay, fairly polished - 7
Swing the Cat! Swing the Cat (Patbert) Judge A: 8 Interesting gameplay mechanic. Gets a little boring after a while.
Judge B:
Amusing and interesting premise.  Too slow paced for my taste, though. Not to mention it seems incredibly hard, if not down right impossible, to get into some of the more isolated areas of the map (ones with thin tunnels leading to them).  6/10.
Judge C: 7 - Nice idea, could use a little more variation in board pieces (more than just spike balls and dogs) and the music gets really annoying (though the option to turn it off is appreciated). For comparision dig up an old Mac game called 'Spin Doctor.'
Judge D: 6/10 Fun idea, but really slow-going.  Nice music, though.
Judge E: Excellent use of single button. Needs music - 8
Uthman's Failure Uthman's Failure (Uthman) High scores can be viewed here
Necessary runtimes here
Withdrawn from competition N/A
Nagromo Intergalactic Coin Collector
(Nagromo & Brother)
Judge A:  6 Gameplay not really suited to a single button.
Judge B:
Some descriptions of what the powerups actually do would be nice. Control scheme was a bit difficult to get a handle on, although that's kind of unavoidable considering the object of the game.  Some sound would have been nice.  5/10.
Judge D: 5/10 Alternating the ships direction each time you press space makes the game a bit more difficult than it needs to be.  I had quite a bit of trouble getting used to the way it was going to turn and kept hitting the walls.
Bird Catcher Birdcatcher (Siflolly) Judge A: 3 Not very innovative. Not very playable. The graphics and sound were bad, but amusing
Judge B:
Nice game over screen (there goes 2 years of self esteem therapy). Amusing graphics.  5/10.
Judge D: 4/10 Hard to tell how fast you're rising when you get to parts where there are no clouds in the sky, or any birds.  Gameplay is lacking , and gets boring easily.
Judge E: Interesting visual style, not much gameplay. Hard to judge ground collision or where birds are - 4
d000hg 1W1B2 (d000hg) More final version Judge A: N/A -- Didn't review
Judge B:
A radar of some sort would have been nice, so I could see where all the pills actually were.  Other than that, fun game.  7/10.
Judge D: 5/10 Difficult to control and judge where yo'ure going to land.  The bounding boxes on the items with the player seems a bit off.  Numerous times I swear I'd touched the pills but not picked one up.  The sound when a pill is picked up is rather ear piercing.
Judge E: Fairly complete, but control makes it difficult to play - 4
FantasticMobile! Fantastic Mobile! (Cowsarenotevil) Judge A:  4 Forced one-button in where it clearly doesn't belong. Can you say "sea sick"?
Judge B:
Hard to control.  Good level design.  The combination of spinning, falling, and what appears to be a low refresh rate, left me kind of queasy.  5/10.
Judge D: 5/10 I've got a headache now from all the swaying back and forth.  Maybe a 3rd option for straight ahead would have been better than just two (left/right).
Judge E: Not very playable. Not very interesting either. More gameplay, less Irrlicht - 4
Eat Eat (scgrn) Judge A: 9 Absolutely hilarious sound. Really fun to play. Needs some in-game help or a good manual.
Judge B:
Great graphics style, awesome premise, good difficulty level, easy to control, hilarious sound effects.  Very fun.  10/10.
Judge D: 9/10 Great game.  I like the style of the art and the gameplay mechanic is different and something not seen too often.  It's like a sidescrolling katamari ... now I want to make a similar game.  Good job.  I'm guessing you can't advance after you get as big as possible :-(
Judge E: Nice game, great visual style and humor. But after evolving to grey beast, jumping doesn't work properly - 8
Judge F: 9/10 Very fun game. Cool animation during game. Neat sounds.
Garland IX Cosmic Collector (Garland IX) Judge A:  4 Seems a bit fast. Lacks sound. Lacks any kind of user interface.
Judge B:
Clever game idea.  Good controls, simple yet effective graphics.  Some sound would be nice.  A bit repetitive.  5/10.
Judge D: 6/10 Boring after the first 30 seconds.  Difficult to push back pointy rocks just to get the good ones.  Sound is a definite necessity here.
Judge E: Great use of one button, spiraling made me sick though, kinda tedious, needs sound - 5
Petty Theft Petty Theft (njpaul) Judge A:  1 Dull.
Judge B:
Fun game, simple concept yet executed very well.  A bit repetitive, and seemed a little too easy, until I reached level 17 and 18 and it suddenly got very hard very quickly.  7/10.
Judge D: 3/10 It's different, but boring.
Judge E: Unique game for one button, but fairly uninteresting - 5
Squarediana Jones Squarediana Jones (Rixter) Judge A: 8 Best use of one button. Good theme. Needs a "continue" option. Could use better sound and graphics.
Judge B:
Very clever use of the one button limitation.  Some sound would be nice.  Overall, fun game.  8/10.
Judge D: 7/10 Actually a fun game.  Cool idea, but could be implemented a bit better.  Needs sound.
Judge E: Great gameplay, but equally frustating, needs sound - 6
Judge F: 5/10 Game was ok but I didn't have much fun playing.
The GDNet Comic Game The GDNet Comic Game (Avatar God and pi_equals_3) Judge A: 8 Clever way of using an old gameplay mechanic. And damn funny to boot.
Judge B:
Very addictive, very fun.  Amusing premise which was well executed.  The game is too easy, and moves a bit too slowly, which detracts from it slightly.  8/10.
Judge D: 4/10 Nearly fell asleep playing it.  Mildly funny, but extremely slow.
Judge E: Awesome use of existing material. Simple but effective gameplay, needs faster pace - 8
Dioncer Dioncer (Sergei Sheviakov/Seroja, returning from 1W1B)
Source Code
Judge A:  5 Confusing at first. Idea could be good if properly implemented. Would make more sense with a "splash" effect.
Judge B:
Clever use of the one button.  A bit too hard to control where you're going.. a meter showing your jump power, instead of just the colour of your ball, would have been useful.  Sound would have been nice.  Despite this, a fun albeit overly challenging game.  7/10.
Judge D: 5/10 Nifty idea, but you need a better way of showing the angle and power.  Needs cleaner graphics.
Judge E: Interesting concept, great possibilities, but needs feedback for judging jump length - 6
Homeward Homeward (Cliff_Robinson) Judge A: 4 Fairly unplayable. Not very interesting. No sound.
Judge B:
Lack of an actual way to continue once you die is a bit annoying. Control scheme is fairly intuitive and easy to use.  Simple premise, but it works fairly well.  Sound would have, again, been nice.  5/10.
Judge D: 3/10 Spun too fast and bounced too much.  Can't continue, and no idea what i was supposed to be doing.  Didn't know that orange dots were bad.
Judge E: Show potential, but otherwise not very playable or interesting - 5
Kyle Hawk Blobbinator
(Kyle Hawk)
Judge A: Blobbinator: 4 Nifty idea, but fairly unplayable. Terrible colour scheme. Crestfallen: 3 Not very interesting. Sound was not synchronised properly.
Judge B:
Blobbinator: Good use of multiple commands from one button.  Good difficulty level,
with good pacing.  Simple, yet fun.  7/10. Crestfallen: Moves too slowly, and is a bit too easy.  Despite those flaws, it has a
clever design with easy to use controls.  5/10.
Judge D: Blobbinator 2/10Way too difficult to control.  Confusing. Crestfallen 6/10 It's different, but needs to speed up.  I got bored.
Judge E: Blobbinator Needs sound, needs gameplay, needs work - 4 Crestfallen Slightly interesting take on the snake type game, but not very fun - 4
Please Note: When taking averages, I took the higher score of the two games from each judge
Birdgame Birdgame (Evolutional) Judge A: 4 Not exciting enough. Could use more realistic physics. Graphics seemed misaligned.
Judge B:
Could use some sound effects, as well as better graphics and possibly a menu  system.  Also, I'm not sure if there was a way to continue once you died,  but I couldn't find it, at least.  Overall, an interesting premise, good use  of the one button, but a bit too repetitive and simplistic for my taste.   5/10.
Judge D: 3/10 Way too simple and boring.  I'm actually glad there wasn't sound.  The chirping of the birds would drive me nuts.
Judge E: Okay, rather simple. Worm graphics too small, needs sound - 5
Judge F: 8/10 Neat little concept. Action seemed a little slow though.

The Judges (in no particular order)

The Winners

  1. Pierre 9
  2. Eat 9
  3. Poolander 8.6
  4. Santa 8.25
  5. Fairy Fields 7.83
  6. Nanosucker 7.4
  7. Butafly 7.33
  8. Swing the Cat 7
  9. GDNet Comic Game 7
  10. Squarediana Jones 6.8
  11. Galaxy Snake 6.8
  12. Amok 6.75
  13. JungleRun 6.4
  14. Super Button Boy 6
  15. eedok 6
  16. Dioncer 5.75
  17. Babyrace 5.6
  18. d000hg 5.33
  19. Intergalactic Coin Collector 5.33
  20. Helikool 5.33
  21. Blobbinator/Crestfallen 5.25
  22. Cosmic Collector 5
  23. Birdgame 5
  24. Fiik 5
  25. Fantastic Mobile 4.5
  26. Wabbits 4.4
  27. Homeward 4.25
  28. Petty Theft 4
  29. James Doig 4
  30. Birdcatcher 4
  31. Thermal 3.3
  32. Cyansoft 3
  33. Coin 1.33
Pierre & The Fish and Eat are tied! A tiebreaker will be announced soon to decide which one will be 1st and which one will be 2nd prize. An Amazon.com gift voucher was distributed to the third place entry (Tango's Poolander) as a result of the tie.