New! One Week One Button 2

1W1B 1: Results
May-June 2005

All of the entries were excellent this time around. There are four categories: Best Gameplay (Most fun), Best Idea, Best Implementation, and Best Humour.

The Entries
Screenshot/Download link
"Green Thingy", mike25025
green thingy screenshot
"You Can't Poop Here", Scott Hilbert
You Can't Poop Here screenshot
Binary Source
"BulletPong", Seroja
Bullet Pong
"ZORK 1D", Andrew Russell
Text Adventure screenshot

The Prizes
Best Gameplay: Winner "BulletPong" (Seroja)
An excellent entry by Seroja, this game is not only fun to play, but challenging. The controls are well tuned and the game is difficult but not impossible to win at.

Runner Up: "You Can't Poop Here" by Scott Hilbert

Best Idea: Winner "You Can't Poop Here" (Scott Hilbert)
It's a quiz show hosted by a cartoon piece of poop. In it, you must decipher the riddles of each gradually revealed photograph to deem if you can, in fact, poop there legally. I'm not entirely sure many people can come up with a more original concept, but I encourage them to try.

Runner Up: "Green Thingy" by mike25025

Best Implementation: "Green Thingy" by mike25025
This entry is gorgeous. I am a huge fan of abstract Tron-like graphics and this one delivered. Couple that with a smooth framerate, responsive controls and a nice sense of speed, and you have a great chunk of programming.

Runner Up: "BulletPong" by Seroja

Best Humour: "ZORK 1D" by AndrewRussell
It's not hard to beat, it's not particularly long or well programmed, but it is funny. You'll chuckle at parodies of pop culture, other text adventures and humour.

Runner Up: "You Can't Poop Here" by Scott Hilbert

These are all excellent games. If you have even a passing interest in independent game development, I ask you to take a look at the entries that were provided. I expected tons of simplistic arcade games like my single-button Space Invaders clone, but the games that were delivered were well-made, looked great and played smoothly and without fault.

Eventually I will patch up my 1W1B entry and push it back out here, but in the meantime the competitors should give themselves a pat on the back and start suggesting ideas for next year's contest. I'm thinking of doing a 1W1B contest next year with an actual theme; perhaps physics or old arcade games.